Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic X-Ray

A panoramic x-ray, sometimes known as a pan, is an x-ray that exposes your complete jaw, all of your teeth, and the structures that surround them to the dentist. Dentists can see the position of major nerves, sinuses, growing teeth, and diseases. They can examine your jaw joint (TMJ) as well as the bones in your mouth. A panoramic x-ray is excellent general screening for your oral health. Contact Bell Dental Care to learn more about the advantages of panoramic x-rays.

What Is the Purpose of a Panoramic X-Ray?

Better Care

A panoramic x-ray allows us to see your head, neck, and jaw as a whole, allowing us to quickly spot cysts, tumors, growths, jaw anomalies, and cancer.

Prompt Detection

Because a panoramic x-ray provides a full image of your entire mouth, we can detect dental problems early on. Early detection usually results in less intrusive and less expensive therapy than discovering it later in its course.

Prolonged Life

Oral cancer, unfortunately, has a significant fatality rate. This is because it is frequently missed in its early phases. We can increase the likelihood of detecting oral cancer early, when it is easiest to cure, by using a panoramic x-ray.

Discover Changes

Taking a panoramic x-ray every 3-5 years helps us to see changes in your mouth that develop over time.

How Are Panoramic X-Rays Performed?

The panoramic X-ray gives the dentist a two-dimensional image of both the upper and lower jaws from ear to ear. Panoramic X-rays are most commonly used to detect the position of wisdom teeth and to determine whether dental implants will impact the mandibular nerve.

The Panorex apparatus is made up of a rotating arm that holds the X-ray generator and a moving film attachment that holds the images. The head is sandwiched between these two components. The X-ray generator rotates around the head, taking as many orthogonal photos as feasible. The placement of the head and body impact how sharp, clear, and valuable the X-rays are to the dentist. The images are amplified by up to 30 percent to ensure that even the smallest detail is captured.

Panoramic X-rays are a powerful diagnostic tool that can also be used to plan future therapy. Because less radiation enters the body, they are safer than other types of X-rays.

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