Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray

Dentistry has advanced a long way in recent years, with many excellent developments in dental treatment. The adoption of dental digital x-ray imaging devices is one of the more significant improvements in dental care. At Bell Dental Care, we can now provide our patients with a digital x-ray of their teeth.

What Are Digital X-rays?

Digital dental X-rays can be taken in two ways: extraoral and intraoral. The most common type of X-ray is an intraoral X-ray, which produces great detail and provides a clear image of the teeth.

Digital dental x-rays are more efficient, painless, and easier to use than film x-rays, and they utilize less radiation. The digital radiography procedure is comparable to traditional dental x-rays that use film. A sensor will be inserted into your mouth by our dentist to capture photos of your teeth. A digital sensor linked to a computer is used in digital radiography. Once the image has been recorded, it is presented on the computer screen for your dentist to see.

When Should Digital X-Rays Be Used?

Bite-wing X-rays will most likely be required once a year to examine for illnesses of the teeth and oral tissues. Panoramic X-rays are typically taken every three years to provide a comprehensive view of your oral cavity. We need to use X-rays for the following reasons.

  • Demonstrate decayed spots between teeth.
  • Show damaged areas beneath fillings.
  • Look for signs of bone loss.
  • Examine your teeth for abscesses or cysts.
  • Before utilizing braces or implants, provide a pre-treatment examination.

The Benefits of Digital X-Ray

  • Digital X-rays, as opposed to traditional X-rays, provide a more effective and convenient method of getting digital images of the mouth or beneath regions.
  • A digital X-ray allows for the creation of images of any size and resolution.
  • Obtaining X-ray images with digital X-rays is a rapid and painless procedure. It can be done at the same time as any other dental procedure.
  • Digital X-ray technology emits less radiation than traditional X-rays, making it safer for patients.
  • The procedure for getting digital X-rays is non-invasive and does not give the patient any pain or suffering.
  • Images obtained from digital X-rays can be stored digitally or as hard copies for as long as needed. Furthermore, the photographs can be readily transmitted digitally from any place.

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