When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, it is normal for your confidence to suffer. Invisalign is a new way to treat crooked teeth that would otherwise have to be twisted together with hard metal brackets connected with wires and adhered to the teeth. They are painless and invisible to the naked eye, and they are detachable and custom-made to fit patients' teeth. When it comes to Invisalign treatment, you'll want to put your future smile in the hands of a skilled and experienced team like Bell Dental Care. Visit us today for the best dental care available.

Who Is Suitable For Invisalign?

Invisalign is appropriate for practically everybody who wants to improve their smile or organize their teeth more orderly.


Invisalign can help correct most dental misalignments in teenagers. Invisalign braces are perfect for teenagers because they employ clear aligners to achieve a beautiful smile and better dental health. This is especially helpful because the adolescent years are often filled with self-consciousness. Invisalign is a perfect treatment for kids who want that dazzling smile because of its reduced treatment timeframes and ease of use.


An increasing number of adults are opting for corrective dental work and taking charge of their health. Invisalign is great for people who wish to be flexible with their alignment treatment and attain a better smile without the use of a highly noticeable metal brace.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Using clear aligners, Invisalign moves your teeth into desired positions. The aligners are tight and softly apply pressure in just the right locations to get the desired result gradually.

You wear each aligner practically all day and night except when eating or drinking anything other than water and just for as long as it takes in weeks to move your teeth a certain amount.

Once the teeth have moved, you will be given a new aligner that is designed to place a little more pressure on the right teeth to move them in the next step in the appropriate direction.

Each aligner is worn for two weeks before being changed with a fresh aligner. The new aligner is akin to having your braces tightened to put additional pressure on your teeth in the appropriate direction.

You'll keep obtaining fresh aligners until your teeth are exactly where you want them to be. This normally takes approximately a year, which is the same as or less than regular braces.

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