Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

Tooth reshaping, also known as dental contouring, is a fantastic cosmetic dentistry treatment that involves the removal of minor pieces of tooth enamel to change the shape or length of one or more teeth. This technique is incredibly effective for rapidly and painlessly changing chipped, cracked, or overlapping teeth. Bell Dental Care offers the best teeth contouring service to meet your specific needs and goals, giving you a brand-new smile.

What Is Tooth Reshaping?

Tooth reshaping, also known as dental contouring, is a cosmetic dentistry method that involves the removal of small pieces of tooth enamel (the tooth's outer coating) to alter the form, length, or surface of one or more teeth. The treatment is typically used to fix crooked, chipped, broken, or overlapping teeth. In some cases, this treatment can even be used in place of braces. This is also a method that involves modest adjustments.

Dental Contouring: How Does It Work?

Tooth contouring can be performed with little to no patient discomfort when performed by our qualified and experienced dentist. Before the treatment, dental x-rays will be obtained to assess the size and placement of each tooth's pulp to verify that there is enough bone between the teeth to give adequate support. Our dentist will then use a laser or drill to delicately remove a little bit of tooth enamel. Any malformed portions will be trimmed, excessively long teeth will be reduced, and badly shaped teeth will be evened out for optimum bite and alignment. Following the shaping, our dentist will polish your teeth for a natural-looking gloss.

Candidates for Tooth Contouring

  • Existing tooth sensitivity in people with enamel loss or when the tooth pulp is too close to the surface
  • Minor tooth chipping around the borders
  • Minor tooth crowding or misalignment
  • Following the removal of the braces, a final touch is applied.

The Advantages of Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring is a less intrusive cosmetic dentistry surgery with "wonderful" results. It is also one of the quickest methods for reshaping your teeth. The following are some of the advantages of tooth contouring:

  • Only one appointment is required.
  • Your teeth can be altered in less than an hour.
  • Because there are no nerves in the enamel, you should not feel any discomfort.
  • It is permanent, and you should not require any other operations.

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